Writing - Term 2

WALT: Write a recount.

We know we can do this when we: 
1)Write an introduction
2) Write the main events in order
3) Write our thoughts or feelings
4) add interesting words 

Reading: Term 2

WALT: read like we talk.  
WALT: use just our eyes to keep track of where we are. 

Art Attack - Portraits

We are learning to create a portrait in the style of Matisse.
We know we can do this when we:
  • paint facial features that are the right size. 
  • choose colours that are right for our own portrait.
  • paint facial features that are in the right place. 
  • create a background that is similar to Matisse.
Click here for a video showing our amazing portraits.

Science - Forces

WALT : name forces and show motion 

Click on the sideshow below

<iframe width="445" height="296" src="http://photopeach.com/embed/ykw45h" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


We are learning about force and motion

Strand Mathematics (Measurement)

We like to measure and estimate different things around the room. We even got a few of the estimates right! 

Our next step for learning is to learn to use centimetres to measure objects around the room.