Reading program

What? I am learn about our new  literacy program

So what? my teacher is Mr Forman

know what? I would like to get better at SSW


What My learning goal is to do  paragraph

So what I have learned to  write in paragraph

know what My next step is to do information report



I have been learning to solve subtraction problems by subtraction enough to get to a tidy number, then subtracting the rest.

So What?

I have learned that when you have an equation like 73 - 28  = you can either add the same number to both sides, or you can subtract the same number from both sides. 

Now What?

My next step is to use this strategy with larger numbers

Dance program

IHBL: a hip hop routine
         a cha cha routine
         to combine different movements in to a dance routine to Treasure by Bruno Mars
         to combine different cha cha moves into a dance routine to can't stop the feeling by Justine timber lake
So What  My favorite movement / dance was the hip hop
Now what I would like to do further dance lessons



20.6.17 What my learning goal is to write a rap

So What I have learned how to write a rap

Know What my next step is to rap it

Term 2 Highlight

Things I have enjoyed this term are:

Passion project

Dancing with Dean because we got to do dancing

Free writing because we get to write about   ethane  thing you like

music with Mr Mcallun